HY2500 පැටවීමේ වගුව සහ ඩොක් සෝපාන වගුව

Loading Table HY Series

i-Lift Equipment Ltd is an advanced manufacturer of a variety of lift tables.Loading dock lifts are crucial in transporting materials safely from a loading dock or warehouse.

For loading and unloading goods between containers or trucks, there is a removable lifting eye for easier handling and installation of the lifting table.

Meet EN1570 norm and ANSIASME safety standard.

i-Lift Equipment Ltd.offers a wide range of lift tables, including low entry lift tables, ergonomic hydraulic lift tables, හා double long lifts. Our lift tables are equipped with scissor lift designs and can handle a wide range of load weights.

Dock lift table TL Series

The Hydraulic Loading Dock Lift helps optimize loading operations, especially when space is limited. Dock lifts are a cost-efficient and space-saving alternative to expensive and space-consuming truck well recesses and concrete ramps.Level transfer from any dock height to any truck bed height.

The TL5000 model is a heavy-duty design table that can align with trucks and can handle loads up to 11,000 lbs.

Leveler can go all the way down to ground level.

No ramps or inclines.

5000kgs Capacity.

Meet EN1570 norm and ANSIASME safety standard.

අයි-ලිෆ්ට් අංකය.13129011313001
උස ඉහළටමි.මී.17002630
පහත් උසමි.මී.140mm600mm
වේදිකා ප්‍රමාණයමි.මී.2980*20002610*2010
ශුද්ධ බරkg17501700